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In the Works: "Project E".

2008-05-20 03:10:51 by Supperdude9

I've been thinking of this for almost a year. And now I'm seriously considering going through with it.

Okay, you've seen those vidz on Youtube where people use MUGEN to tell a story, to even go as far as make a series out of it, right? (for those of you who don't know, MUGEN is essentially a Fighting game maker, where you can have all sorts of charecters fighting- Capcom, SNK, and beyond. If you want to learn more, there should be a topic or two here on NG about it. Aside from that, lurk moar.) I want to do that. Over the past few days, I've begun writing a script, and I really want to do this.

I'm calling it "Project E" for now. I'll be using MUGEN for the fight scenes, and RPG Maker for the cutscenes...which will take a LOT of work. Here is hoping that I don't lose interest in it and I can actually pull it off.


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2008-06-13 06:13:45

well if you do i exspect it will be crap

Supperdude9 responds:

Considering the current means that I have for capturing audio and video on my comp, you'd be right. I've done some test-captures, and the video is too choppy to use. I need better RAM first.

BTW, <3 the spelling. ;)